Sony And Honda May Put PlayStation 5 In Their Upcoming Electric Vehicles

Sony and Honda are considering putting a PlayStation 5 in future electric vehicles in order to compete with Elon Musk’s Tesla. Sony Honda Mobility was launched in September and now it plans to build electric vehicles with entertainment like music, movies, and the PS5. Integrating a PlayStation 5 into cars is “technologically possible,” Sony’s head of robotics and the joint venture’s president, Izumi Kawanishi told the Financial Times

According to Mr Kawanishi, Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that can move people and also give the new venture an edge over Tesla in the Electric Vehicle (EV) wars. He stated that the joint venture will put content first, with the aim to release its first car model in North America by 2025.  

Speaking to Financial Times, Yasuhide Mizuno, chair of the joint venture, said that Sony Honda Mobility is tweaking its entire car-building process in a bid to give users a premium entertainment experience. Mr Mizuno said that the company views a vehicle as hardware “that will cater to entertainment and network we would like to offer”. 

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