Expendables 4’s Dolph Lundgren Explains Why Sylvester Stallone’s Franchise Was Appealing To Him

“You know, it was being directed by Sly and he’s a very, very smart man. He created Rocky, and The Expendables, and I think the timing was good because he had old school fights, shootouts, and more of our visual effects. Kind of older guys who’re washed up, that nobody wants, and they do these missions for the government, and if they get killed, nobody cares. I thought it was a good idea.”

In the interview, the star also teased the new additions to the franchise, like Megan Fox, which make each new movie feel fresh. It’s great that everyone involved is still invested, so it’s likely they’ll keep going as long as everyone’s on board. The actor went on to say: 

You know, a lot of people ask why, and I say why not? It’s the opportunity to go back and reprise [my] character, and have a little fun in the dramatic space for a little while.

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