Being A Teenager To The Youngest Succesful Director And Entrepreneur, Mr.Harshal Dilwali, awarded by FanatiXx Spectrum Awards

He completed his studies at IILM| IIMBx | to the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Lapland University, Finland. There is no age barrier for entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the spirit of curiosity to do something better, to bring a change, or to solve a problem. To undertakes a venture, and to organize it, raising capital to finance, and assumes the whole or major part of the risk of business. To choose such root is what best defines as Mr.Harshal Diwali. Mr.Harshal Dilwali is counted as a person who brings overall change through innovation. Mr.Harshal Diwali is a visionary and integrated man with outstanding leadership qualities.


When we talk about how Mr.Harshal Dilwali gets into business; It was once he quoted – The idea of getting into the hospitality business was executed by his family. Mr Ashish Dilwali father of Mr Harshal Dilwali who is also Chairman and Director at Clarissa Group was the key man behind his success. It was his constant efforts and ambition to create this company and to take it to a height. Mr Ashish Dilwali has been instrumental in pioneering the development of the Clarissa Group. Recognizing the importance of quality in hospitality management, It is Mr Ashish’s firm belief that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. Along with this Mrs Pooja Dilwali President at Clarissa Resorts and mother of Mr Harshal Dilwali is the real pillar behind this success, she is responsible for the Marketing team of Clarissa Group and is committed to driving the company to new heights. She thrives on nurturing goodwill by establishing and maintaining organizational structure. She believes trust and honesty are key factors to achieve success. He and his family developed along developed the company but it took around four years to build the resort in Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand with the name Clarissa Resort.


His parents Mr Ashish Dilwali and Mrs Pooja Dilwali showed confidence in him and he didn’t disappoint either. Mr Harshal says, “The biggest motivation for me is my parents. They have always supported me and their love is something that keeps me motivated in my tough times. “Mr Harshal Dilwali never dreamt of becoming a hotelier, he was preparing for engineering during his school time. And initially, it was a bit tough decision for him to choose hotel management over-engineering. He initially faced a lot of criticism from society and friends. His parents were always there to stand beside him in every phase of his life.”,-Age,-Biography,-Height,-Girlfriend,-Family,-Images-And-More/168

“To begin with, all the achievements in my life have special memory and place in my heart. If I talk about a few then first would be the MBA “Gold Medal” and getting an award at Finland by its Director of Education, Second would be becoming one of the youngest Directors in 2017 of Uttarakhand and now CEO in 2020, getting featured by Startup Times, awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year 2021 by Global Business Icon. Last would be to transform the whole company digital by introducing First Web Check-in Technology in Hotels/Resorts and becoming first Hospitality company to do so and got it featured at India’s 18 news Channel twice.” Added Mr Harshal while talking about his achievements.

” It is a best platform to get recognition, the really showcase the true talent. Thank you FanatiXx Spectrum for giving me this award.” Mr.Harshal Dilwali (Director/CEO at Clarissa Group| MBA (Gold Medal)|Hotelier |Politician | Entrepreneur |Real Estate Developer| Public /Motivational Speaker Further Added.

Lastly, FanatiXx Spectrum Awards was formed with a single purpose, to recognise and motivate people so they can do the same for others.

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