Why you should wake up early?

The willpower is highest in the morning, and since there is nothing on your mind early in the morning, you tend to have a great focus on the right tasks without any distracting thoughts.

There is a Portuguese proverb that says ‘Early sleep and early wake-up gives health and makes you grow’.

Add an hour to your day by waking up an hour before your usual wake-up time. This increases productivity.Another important aspect one can achieve by waking up early is self-discipline.Waking up early also gives you better sleep at night.

Here are a few tips you can instill to wake up early.

• Have a reason to wake up early.

• Cut off anything that distracts your sleep

• Sleep earlier

• Set multiple alarms

• Keep your alarm some distance away from you.So that you get out of the bed and switch it off when it rings.

• Do not snooze

• Head straight to the bathroom

• Have a glass of water.

Consistency is the key to anything. It is hard to wake up early for a few days, but once you start practising it for a few weeks, it becomes your habit.Establish some morning rituals like doing exercise or going for a morning walk or practising yoga or reading a newspaper etc.

As Hal Elrod says, “Wake up early every day so that while others are still dreaming, you can make your dreams come true.”

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