The World Without Artificial Intelligence And Robots

The world today is almost entirely covered by artificial intelligence. As a result, human life has become much easier. But has anyone ever wondered, if artificial intelligence or robotics technology were to disappear from the face of the earth overnight or one day, what would happen to humans from the next moment? Let’s talk about that –

Robots & A.I. For Various Instruments

Robots have appeared in the last few decades. Earlier, machines have appeared in the world as the father of robots. Did anyone ever know before the watch was invented, it would become the daily companion of human civilization! In the beginning, the clocks were very big. It was hung in a huge building on the main road. Such a big machine it comes to us in a small state today to be improved day by day. However, one word here means clock only a machine. There are also many more examples of such machines that we use every day. With the advent of robots, these machines have become automatic. As a result, their efficiency has increased many times. If robots become extinct on Earth, not only just clocks, we will no longer see any automatic machinery.

Robots & A.I. For Agriculture

For a long time now, instead of animals, machines have been used in agriculture. Just as it is very easy to cultivate the land by car, it also reduces the cost burden. However, with the advent of technology today, it has become possible to make some changes in the practice of land cultivation. Now flying drones such as fertilizers, pesticides, medicines, etc. are given to the land. Similarly, robots have been created to grow and harvest crops smoothly.

If the earth becomes robot-free again, agriculture will have to be cultivated in the old way again. As a result, more time will be required for harvesting or applying different fertilizers or medicines to the plants and it will require more manpower. But judging by the growing population around the world would be an inappropriate one.

Robots & A.I. For Industry

Robots have been working in various factories, manufacturing industries, assembly sectors, etc. for a long time. As a result, on the one hand, it is possible to accomplish tasks as easily, in less time, and with less force. Similarly, with the inclusion and update of new technology, it is becoming possible to control the price of goods. Robots of various sizes are used in the industry. If this technology is to be abandoned overnight, it must go back to the days of the old-fashioned industrial revolution. Then the work will be done again in the same way that the work of art was done by more people.

Robots & A.I. For Exploratory

If the robot becomes extinct, the various satellites and space robots will also become useless or completely extinct. Today, millions of satellites are constantly working in space above the earth, so our present day is so much better organized. Suppose, for example, that when ships sailed out to sea-based solely on the directional instrument compass, most ships would always deviate and go elsewhere, or in many cases never be found again. However, as a result of the ship’s disappearance and arrival on various islands, many islands, countries, continents and a variety of nature have been discovered. But it would still be a risk to trade or transport passengers to a distant country. Today, if a ship is lost in the sea, it is very easy to find it. This has been made possible by the advancement of robotics technology today.

Also hidden under the sea are invisible valuable resources such as undiscovered biodiversity, ancient ships, cities, ruins of civilization, mineral resources, and many more. But the problem is that it is not easy for people to enter below a certain depth of water. Many systems are needed for people to cross that limit. But robots can get there effortlessly. In this case, the work becomes easier as there is no fear of life. In addition, any cracks or leaks in various short lengths are currently being fixed by robots. Today, robots are sent to distant planets or satellites in various spaceships. For example, robots have been sent to Mars far away from the earth. He is constantly sending information to the world about various issues including the environment there.

If robotics technology were to become extinct, we would not be just earth-centric. Rather it will again become a specific region or area centered.

Robots & A.I. For Everyday Technology

With the demise of robotics technology, the idea of automatic, elevator, etc. may be extinct. The cooking microwave may not work then. The mobile phone in hand is just a part of robotics technology at present. So it will also become useless. There is so much to be lost from our entertainment. With the loss of robotics technology, a large portion of computer engineers will no longer have any value. They may have to re-study in another department. Digitization will be completely destroyed so people will be forced to go back to writing letters. In other words, some management will start again in the heart of the world which we may not even be able to imagine.

Some Good Aspects

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in the world today. If robotics becomes extinct, more manpower will be needed again so more people will get jobs. People who have been confined to a room will spend time with their families again. The economy and the social system will become person-centered. Much digital black money will become obsolete overnight. Hackers say there will be no more creatures on earth.

But the biggest thing is that you may never see the blog you just finished reading. Because the internet will disappear with everything. And it won’t be a good thing at all.

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