How AI is protecting the great white sharks to change the world

The drones and AI are protecting great white sharks and people. In California, the drones film the coastline. Then AI scans the footage to spot sharks in near real time to seep surfers and beachgoers safe. While protecting shark populations, a key part of the ocean ecosystem. AI speeds up the identification process, which would take a human hours to complete. Project Sharkeye is a collaboration between UC Santa Barbara’s Benioff ocean Intiative, Salesforce AI research, and San Diego state University and employs an algorithm typically used to identify products and brands. 

Before 5 years ago, there were around 2500 great white sharks in California waters. But sightings have increased in recent years. Monitoring great whites is vital, as they are a classified vulnerable species. After years of being hunted for their fins and teeth and accidentally caught by commercial fisheries. As apex predators at the top of thr food chain, they stop other sea life from becoming over abundant and keep prey species fit by weeding out weaker individuals. The SHARKTIVITY APP enables users to report sightings and upload photos and Eco cast generated maps for fishermen that help optimise their haul. While minimizing “by catch” – other species caught accidentally. So, this is how sharks are protected by using AI. 

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