According to a report, food-delivery apps are up to 44% more costly

According to the poll, Deliveroo is the most costly of the meal delivery apps.

Food-delivery apps have exploded in popularity as a result of the epidemic, but a quick study by the consumer watchdog. Which shows they may not be the most cost-effective choice. It contrasted the prices of meals purchased directly from five restaurants those ordered through the apps Deliveroo, UberEats, and Just Eat. On average, ordering a takeout using an app costs 23% more than ordering straight. The app developers claimed that their commission fees were reasonable.

Which? discovered:

  • Deliveroo orders were the most costly, costing an average of 31% more than purchasing directly.
  • UberEats has a 25% surcharge.
  • Orders from Just Eat were 7% more costly.

A burrito and taco from a Mexican restaurant cost £43.94 on Deliveroo, which was £12.29 (44 percent) more expensive than ordering directly.

Delivery fees

“We urge restaurants to establish the same menu prices that they offer consumers when dining in,” Deliveroo said in response to the survey. The commission we collect is then re-invested in our company, covering the costs of riders’ fares, customer service, and restaurant upgrades”. Also, just Eat believes its compensation rates “are matched with the value we deliver to our partners,” according to the company. UberEats stated that it was focused on “ensuring that clients have access to the greatest restaurants and the best selection of cuisine.”

During the epidemic, the majority of those polled by Which? had used delivery apps for takeaways and groceries:

  • 39% Just Eat
  • 25% Uber Eats
  • 20% Deliveroo

The following were the most prevalent complaints:

  • late arrival
  • cold food
  • missing items

The percentage of consumers who found it difficult to complain was:

  • Deliveroo – 53%
  • Just Eat – 46%
  • UberEats – 42%

Therefore, Just Eat stated that it looked into all consumer complaints. Customers were also encouraged to utilize the app’s support area, with Uber Eats claiming to have a dedicated customer service staff. According to Which? several applications provide credit refunds, but users should be given money back under consumer law. “Next time you desire a takeout, you should be aware that the undeniable convenience given by a delivery app comes with a hidden extra fee,” said Which? consumer rights specialist Adam French. You may also find yourself stuck between the restaurant and the app if something goes wrong with your order.”

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