Why Coconut oil is expensive in United States

Coconuts  have been cultivated in tropical climates for thousands of years and they produce some of the most expensive coconut oil. They can sell for around 12 times the price of Canola when comparing leading brands. The industry is predicted to grow by half a billion dollars worldwide over the next 4 years but with the hotly contested health benefits. It’s supposed versatility is the reason for its high price while coconut has a long tradition of use in food and medicine across asia and ita oil is the most valuable by product. Coconut trees thrive in a long dry season but even with a bounty of coconuts at your fingertips assuming you can climb high enough. The process of extracting the oil isn’t easy. Each coconut has a layer of husk surrounding its shell that must be removed by rough hands only then can it be cleaved in half a special tool called a bolo knife and it goes through few process and it reaches the final stage. 

By the time the coconut oil reaches the western market the price for the product will have roughly doubled. Even with the ideal growing conditions for the trees. Coconut oil has grown so popular that farmers in this country struggle to meet the demand. In recent years the market for coconut oil has surged in the west alongside a cultural shift towards the search for natural unprocessed products. 

Typically, coconut oil will be a healthy lifestyle for celebrities and bloggers adopted the product. Proponents of coconut oil as cure all remedy say that it can promote weight loss, improve blood sugar and even slow the progression of alzheimer’s because of its high levels of antioxidants. Some nutritionists say coconut oil is composed of 80 to 90 saturated fatty acid. The oil has become a key ingredient in many products. Perhaps most recently alternative means both beyond and impossible burgers and reliant on coconut oil and their surging popularity has increased demand. The coconut plantations across the country were planted 40 or 50 years ago and many of the trees are now producing as little as 10 coconuts a year rather than the 100 to 150 a healthy tree. Despite these problems the market is poised to grow by 518 million dollars before 21st century. 

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