Some best Artificial intelligence trends everyone wants to know about.

  • What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is basically natural intelligency of humans that can be automated or inbuilt in various smart machines and can be very useful as it is capable of doing a lot of works instead of human intelligence .

It is being widely used in many latest technologies like self driven cars, smart homes , Facial recognition and mainly in robotics. It is a widely used branch of the information technology and computer science and we can say that it will be widely used in the near future.

It works on the concept of machine learning .Siri in Iphones and alexa in amazon is also based on the latest AI technology .

Latest trends of AI in 2021 to watch.

  • The first most important trend that is in AI in robotics automation. As we all know that robotics is a latest trend that requires human like intelligence to perform the tasks , recognizing, identifying and many more things. So AI has helped and solved a lot of limitations lately in this field and it is a trend to watch for all.

  • AI related to healthcare- It is very much important to healthcare sector as well. It is used in many latest devices to recognize various diseases , cause and prevention for the same . It also saves the time for doctor by bringing the latest trends in devices and also can be connected through a phone that means one can watchout health by their home. Here in the time of pandemic too , it is helping the doctors as well as patients .

  • AI in Internet Of Things- In various home automation tools like smart devices , Siri , Google Echo and alexa , AI is being combined with machine and deep learning for this technology.

  • AI in cybersecurity- Artificial intelligence is very much necessary in detecting various cyber frauds that are ongoing in our sorroundings . as we can see and compared these are less when AI comes in light . It automatically detects various banks, security frauds that people are facing and is a important trend to watch .

  • AI in decision trees and reinforcement learning

  • AI in agriculture practices .

Challenges faced by the AI industry

As we all know that if we are doing or inventing something latest there are some challenges in the beginning that everyone has to face and same goes with the artificial intelligence technology.

So the main challenge is the data privacy , reasoning and the data scarcity problem. Sometimes it also fails due to the trust challenges as well but along with time and latest trends these problem are solved upto a large extent and now we can say that it is a must need technology for our future use as well.

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