Make Money Through Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube

Our life is in the immense influence of social media. Gone are those days when social media platforms were only restricted for interaction. Today social media platforms have diversified themselves, leaving all the limitations behind. Social media platforms expand substantially in the past few years. Many of us are genuinely dependent on social media platforms to earn money.

If you are looking for ways to earn money from social media platforms, this article is for you.

Here are three features through which you can earn money

Snapchat Spotlight

To beat its competition, Snapchat has launched, “Snapchat-Spotlight” which may be a very good deal just like  Instagram reels and Tik-Tok The videos played on Spotlight will be depended on an algorithm based on views and replays. However, it is exceptionally different from Tik-Tok in Snapchat Spotlight you don’t need a lot of followers and likes for a video to get viral if it’s popular in the Spotlight that is enough to make money.

Also, Snapchat has decided to provide one million dollars to the content creators on Spotlight. Snapchat is paying 75 dollars to new content creators and 150 dollars to existing creators per video.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces

As an extension to the Twitter Spaces feature, Twitter is launching its all-new feature,” Ticketed Spaces ” It is an audio room conversation where a user with at least 600 followers can host a live conversation on a specific topic. To earn money through Ticketed Spaces, a user must have 1000 followers along with that the user must host a minimum of 3 sessions in 30 days. In the beginning, this feature will only available to the US users

In Twitter Ticketed Spaces, people will buy tickets and pay you to listen to your conversation ad 56% of the amount will go to the creator account.

Youtube Shorts

Similar to Tik-Tok, Youtube has launched a platform know as Youtube Shorts. Now Content creators can make a short-sized video on Youtube for which they will get paid. Youtube Shorts works on an algorithm where the creators will get paid for making engaging content for this Youtube has announced a hundred million dollars fund.

Final Thoughts

These are the three easiest ways through which you earn money with the help of social media platforms. However, one needs to be consistent and careful because social media can be very tricky sometimes.

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