Five Robots That Make Organized Indoor Life

Mankind today is unimaginable without artificial intelligence. Still, the robotics sector is improving day by day. Robots are becoming more and more smart and intelligent. So by increasing this efficiency, it has become possible to build robots suitable for our use and we are constantly trying to increase their efficiency. Here are five current generation robots that make our indoor life easier and well organized.

Samsung Bot Handy

In most cases, people with advanced brains think that if this were the case, all the work could be done by a robot. From all the chores in the kitchen to tidying up the house and arranging things, everything could be done without hard work. However, was it possible to take a feel in your own home like a hotel? 

This is actually going to be possible with the help of Samsung Bot Handy. This robot is very capable of identifying objects. This means that it can identify which thing should be used and how it should work. And through this, it is possible to wash dishes to decorate the house without any problem.


The Corona situation gives rise to some work that has never been done on such a large scale before. Not only that, adequate men are not being found properly in that time period. AIMBOT, the indoor virus protection robot, is one of the robots that AI base started to work as an alternative at that time. Its advanced sensor scans all objects around the stand and it can signal by alarm if something goes wrong. It can recognize anyone or anything by advanced technology and non contact temperature measurement is done on a very large scale. Its Mask Detection and Alert system are very accurate. As a result, the intelligent autonomous indoor monitoring robot is suitable for various workplaces.

JetBot 90 AI+

It is actually used for cleaning purposes. But not for all cleaning purposes, it is mainly able to clean the floor junks. Garbage lying on the floor can be a nuisance in many cases. Because any one doesn’t always want to clean up the mess, and in many cases garbage can be created when cleaning time isn’t on hand. That’s the moment JetBot 90 AI + can come in handy whether you are at home or not. It identifies garbage with its advanced sensors and seeks to clean the whole house. Its AI based object recognition technology must transform it into a self running vacuum cleaner. It monitors the whole house and avoids the essential objects that are in the house and used.


CRUZR is an intelligent lobby manager. If it is said real-time remote communication and with real-time place changing opportunity, then nothing else can happen without CRUZR. It is not only capable of changing locations but also using real-time 3D localization and mapping with six major sensors to get people to their destination. In the medical field, it has played a significant role in Indoor Virus Prevention. As a result, just as it is able to show the information of something, it also acts as a guide so that it is possible for a person to work through it without going physically.

Samsung Bot Care

The word robotic assistant can cause a shiver. Because in ordinary life we ourselves are accustomed to seeing, hearing, and understanding everything. We may never need to appoint an assistant. However, sometimes it seems that if someone reminds me of this work or taking care of myself after all the work is no more. Samsung Bot Care is coming to the market to overcome all these problems. 

Its AI is able to fully observe its owner’s behavior. It is on this basis that it seeks further action. It is able to give any suggestions based on its owner’s schedule and habit. on the other hand, it also tries to take care.

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