Can dogecoin reach $1?

In the year 2009 bitcoin the 1st ever cryptocurrency arrived. Over time it gains its value and now its value gets sky-rock. People regret those who didn’t trust the coin before. The varieties of crypto coins are increasing daily. Each day a new coin is listing on different sites.
In the year 2013, another coin came whose value increased so rapidly that it draws the attention of the world today’s him.  Along with all it also draws the attention of the world richest person Elon Musk. Within a week or two he not only suspend the acceptance of bitcoin for buying Tesla cars but also planning to accept a meme coin  ‘dogecoin’ for buying Tesla cars.

He manipulates the crypto world with his tweets. Within a week he pumps the dogecoin from $0.6 to $0.8 and that person can bring its value to $1 within some days. And if he wants to make dogecoin the future currency then he can even pump the value to $10.

Possibilities of reaching $1

This is the big question which is now revolving in every bodies mind. When the price of the bigboss bitcoin is reducing in the market then it will also affect other coins value. But and but Elon Musk tweet can make the whole difference.
Only 200 person of the world holds 90 per cent of dogecoins in total. The value of the coin will decrease if they sell the coins and increase if they buy more. Now, everyone can notice the rapid fluctuations in the price from $0.3 to $0.5. This is happened due to the same factor. These people who hold the maximum amount of dogecoins, when they sell their coins the market get dumped and when the price decrease they again buy some more coins than they had sold (at a lower price)then again the price pump. Slowly they soaked your money.

‘How much is that doge in the window’

Twit by Elon Musk

If you consider its future, whether it will reach the value of $1 or not?
Then the answer is unknown. But we can give a precise prediction then, on 20 May 2021, Elon Musk posted a pic on his Twitter account. That picture is having a  $1 note with a logo of dogecoin in it. This may be symbolizing that dogecoin may reach $1 very soon. And If something like this happens, a lot more marketing strategies will change

Things to keep in mind before investing

The most important thing to keep in mind, before any investment, we should buy or invest in the coins, who’s market is best.
Another thing that matter is the hands behind the coins. Any agencies or any big personality promoting the coin then you can trust those coins and can invest some amount.

Best coin suggestions who can take the place of dogecoin

One huge response coming from a coin. People considering that as the next dogecoin. That is Shiba Inu. Within a short span of time, it gets listed on so many sites along with so many investors consider it as a dogecoin killer. Although time will decide whether it’s a rumour or a fact. You can also invest a very small amount in it because its price is very very low right now. In a small amount, you can get hundreds and thousands of coin.  All the best!

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