Black Fungus cases reach a 3-digit mark in India.

Black fungus out-break amongst COVID-19 patients

Amidst the ongoing second wave of COVID-19; more than 20 cases of black fungus are reported daily and mucor wards have been made separately at AIIMS. The black fungus also known as mucormycosis is a fungal disease that involves the nasal cavity, eyes, the brain and the lungs.

People who have low immunity, diabetic and on steroids are vulnerable to the fungus. Steroids causing an increase in glucose and diabetes become a perfect medium for the fungus to grow which makes it man-made. Starting steroids can be very simple but a bit difficult to drop once started.

Pulmonary Mucormycosis

Symptoms of mucormycosis include nasal discharge, stuffiness, headache and pain behind the eyes. It can be easily detected by an ENT if it is in the nasal cavity. However, MRI will be needed for the brain and a CT scan for the lungs. If undetected, it can be fatal for the patient.

Mucormycosis can invade the tissues really fast. It spread from the nose to the eyes then to the brain. It can prove to be fatal if left untreated.

Abusing the use of steroids should be stopped and the suppliers shouldn’t be negligent on handing out steroids.

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