Android 12 – the new beast, release date, new features.

Android users got the android 11 update in sveral phones . Great efficiency,cool look and faster ui helped people to get attracted towards it, and now android 12 beta is in the market.

So, when we expect it to be available to everyone.

The android 11 update is expected in the month of August, September 2021 may be , but only for the compatible phones. 

Android 11 arrived on 8 September 2020 ; where as Android 10 was launched on 3 September 2019.

So,the question is popping in your mind , which phones are compatible to it , there are many great and fastest smartphones are in the market. Main Google pixel, oppo , motorola , huawei, samsung , Lg are some of the top model companies which are likely to get android 12 update . 

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