Motivational Quotes by Peter Jones

1. “One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs don’t succeed is because they have too many chiefs.” – Peter Jones

2. “When I was eight, my parents saved up to send me to private school, but I found it so tough that I often escaped through the back fence to walk the four miles to my father’s office in Windsor. I only lasted a few terms, but it didn’t curb my ambition.” – Peter Jones

3. “I passed my Lawn Tennis Association coaching exam, and I persuaded my local club to let me use a court after school and on Saturdays.” – Peter Jones

4. “You’ve got to do the research. You’ve got to understand the market place, know your competitors.” – Peter Jones

5. “My kids certainly aren’t going to have the money. They don’t need it.” – Peter Jones

6. “I’ve got my own businesses I run every day and I like to think I’m a nurturer rather than a firer, but the reality is, if somebody continues not to succeed and do the right thing for the business they lose the job because they are affecting the livelihoods of others.” – Peter Jones

7. “You’ve got to bring in the right people to make the right decisions.” – Peter Jones

8. “American Inventor’, a show I came up with launched in 2006. It’s all of America’s greatest and wackiest inventions rolled into one with a judging panel including the legendary George Foreman.” – Peter Jones

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